Page 59 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 59

(i) that there is an original divine fire existing eternally into which all enter and from which all emerge through the first original thought. This prime state or existence is at back of all existences but it cannot be described in terms of these existences. Master calls this zero or nothingness. This is the goal of all human beings, and as such it is God. (ii) There are very subtle entities or particles which are of the very nature of energy. They too are eternal in a sense but they are withdrawn into the ultimate at Laya or Pralaya. Individual souls exist eternally. They reach upto this state during their attainment and realization, and in pralaya are just withdrawn indistinguishably into the centre, and in srishti or creation they come into manifestation. But it is not at all necessary to hold whether the realised souls of the previous creation period return to bondage. Only those that have not reached this highest condition return to the manifestation and get grosser and grosser conditions which means a return to sorrow. The ancient view is that those who have attained oneness with God do not return to the world of gross manifestation and sorrow.
There are thus particles of energy arising from Thought action which forms the world of our

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