Page 60 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 60

gross experience and rings or sheaths and knots for the souls as they proceed to move outward and outward.
Nature, souls and God are thus the three eternal entities in essence. Thought is the force of the divine in which every soul shares, which leads to all process of manifestation, and it is with the help of this force as given by the Master who has reached the ultimate identity with his thought that one can return to the same directly and without great effort. What is necessary is the finding of the Master who will do this for the individual. He knows the times and hours and powers of the divine nature. He makes one pass from one's little private being to a God's and Master's world of reality. Surrender to the godhead and willingness to pursue the path are absolutely necessary. Cold promotes in some activity, in some sloth, and death. One should seek that activity which leads to liberation and not gross sloth and gross death.
Shri Ram Chandraji introduces into this topic an important principle, namely, 'invertendo' or

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