Page 111 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 there. It will also grow in course of time. When sound of the Mission resounds, it falls almost everywhere, and produces its effects sooner or later. So our efforts never go in vain. If drops continually fall, river is the result.
We should have good heart for all human beings. Then the Power will run to them automatically. I think this is the first step of spiritual regeneration. The edifice of spirituality is to be erected on this foundation. When you have a mind to do the work for the good of humanity, you will naturally get it. But our duty is to educate the minds of the people so that they may take the right step. If you do something good to humanity, it is not desire but duty. I have got such a broad heart given by the Master that I want to cover all humanity. The helping hand of my Master is at back.
May the Master's blessings, descend on earth and Sahaj Marg lead one and all from despair and bondage to real peace and freedom. AMEN.

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