Page 109 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 as ‘O Bounded ones, now start to look for becoming free'. (Aseero karo ab rihaayee kee baathain)
Everybody likes freedom. But few take care to acquire ‘freedom from freedom'. This higher stage is the result of total submission to Master Supreme. It is all absorbing attachment (bondage) to Reality alone, which liberates one from every other bondage.
Liberation can make one free from all the earthly bondages. When a person wants his Evolution, Nature helps him. Doctor gives bitter pills to the patient, even when he loves the patient dearly. God wants to see His creation quite befitting, pious and clean. So it is the Law of Nature that He does everything necessary to open the door of Evolution. `A bad workman quarrels with his tools' — is the proverb. What we think bad and troublesome, becomes the way of freedom. My Master, in great agony due to abscess of the liver, said on seeing tears in the eyes of His disciple that though He could cure His disease in no time, He did not want to meddle with God's ways.
Really we are living in the world which has
been spoilt by us and it can be called a prison. We

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