Page 108 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 Abhyasi with God. When that is done, a part of His duty is over.
People ask the meaning of life. Life is meaningless in some persons' minds, and this is a suicidal idea. Life has its meaning because there comes a force with it, and that reminds us of something which should be very precious to those who want to keep it within them. Accepting turning towards the spiritual life is the beginning of life, and the highest state of it is ‘Life in Life' which lies hidden in life itself. We should start for that Life which is to be entered into. All our abhyas leads us to that Life.
Transmission gives a new life to the sleeping condition of man, and prepares for the highest approach reserved for human beings. Not only that; it transforms the whole being, shattering all the obstacles in the way of progress. The true meaning of Realisation is ‘Death of Death' or ‘End of End'. If a man is absorbed in this condition, it means, the way is clear now. The time has changed to such a great extent that so many persons in India do not know what transmission is. It is my Master alone who gave light to the Original Source, which was nearly dried. His message to mankind may aptly be pronounced

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