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Message at Ahmedabad on 30-04-1979 On the Eve of His 80th Birth Day Celebrations
Brothers and Sisters,
We are here again to take stock of our work on the path of the Master Almighty for the benefit of His children of all ages and climes. I eagerly wish that all my sisters and brothers in the world may taste the tasteless taste of mergence. Then you can understand the efficacy of the System in a better way. Life is not life we are living. There is something beyond and beyond. I hope all of us will see the better days, if we are devoted to Him and Him alone.
We should not dwell in thought that God does not exist. It is the place where we should stay, and that is the main goal of life. All of us are proceeding towards Divinity or the goal of life — some consciously and some unconsciously. They, who proceed consciously, are as if swimming in calm waters. Those who are proceeding unconsciously, are beating their hands and feet in the sand of the desert. Master, of course, is the medium between the two, and He tries to create relationship of the

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