Page 105 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 dawns the fatigue of the journey is over and we do not feel ourselves encumbered with its weight.
But our travelling is not yet over. We march on still towards the Base, where the Realisation assumes its original form. The colourful visions having ended, the vision of the Absolute in its true aspect commences forthwith. But the march is not over yet. There is something still which is inexplicable. The idea of freedom is also there, and so long as it is there, it is a bondage still, though our journey might have come to an end. There it is only God's help that can take us along onwards, but only when we are in a state of complete oblivion. In that sense I would therefore prefer to induce people to forget themselves instead of knowing themselves.
It is really the state of self-surrender in which one, as a true devotee, surrenders himself completely to the will of God, the Master, basking in the sunshine of His Grace. That is the relationship between the Master and the devotee, which is to be maintained all through because that was the only relationship that had finally brought us up to that highest level of super-consciousness. It is only here that the true character of our being is revealed. But if

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