Page 104 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 however the broader divisions, and there are still innumerable levels of it in each one. The effect of the activities of the lower consciousness settles down upon the subconscious mind forming fate. The first thing to be undertaken is therefore the correction of the lower consciousness by right thinking and practice, so that it may itself be converted into force to bring the sub-conscious mind into a state of splendour. This brings us to the state of super-consciousness. If the word super- consciousness is modified as super- subconsciousness I think it will be easier to understand its further effects. Anyhow, if by the Master's grace we have come up to it, another theme opens for us. We are in a way merged into it in order to bring to our view the aspects higher than this. The word ‘Higher' refers only to a rarefied state of it and in the same sense it is applied to the spiritual regions and spheres noted down in this connection. In short the various states of consciousness, one after the other, carry us along beyond the Trinity and even beyond Reality. The state of Freedom commences then but it is after a good deal of tiresome journey. When Freedom

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