Page 102 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 In order to discover proper methods for it we must take into account the cause which finally brought into being the entire creation. Definitely there was some power at work for the purpose. What was it? It was only the ‘Thought', pregnant with the idea of creation, as well as with that of preservation and dissolution in the back ground. The same thought descended down into man and became part and parcel of his being. If we can properly utilise this power within us the mystery is solved. The thought has the same force, but within man it is limited to the extent of the human level. It develops into Potentiality as we grow, and takes different spheres and regions for our existence, which we have all to pass through during our march towards the Goal. These, expressed as bondages, serve for veils which do not allow us even to peep into Reality. It is only when a worthy Master of calibre comes up to our help, that we are able to tear them off in order to make our passage to the Absolute Reality smooth and easy. There are plexuses, centres and sub-centres which also bar our progress at earlier stages. We have to pass through these in our pursuit of Reality.
Complications also arise by the effect of our wrong

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