Page 101 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 The thing with which we started in the beginning thus becomes an impediment to our advancement on the path. In fact there can possibly be no hallmark to the advancement of the human soul, because we have finally to enter into Infinity. If, however, we may be able to take into account, in some way or the other, the final approach of man, then the very thing we take up in the beginning will lead us on along the path, and God will Himself present to us a Master who can take us on to the real vision of the Immaterial Absolute. On the other hand if one has not grasped the idea of true Reality, the means or methods he takes up for the purpose shall serve as a bondage against further advancement. The only thing required for the sure success shall therefore be intense restlessness for the attainment of the goal which shall bring the real Master to your doors.
For those who want to have at least a peep into the Reality the proper method shall, in my opinion, be that which touches the inner core of the heart. The external means usually adopted for the purpose are really of no avail and do not lead one towards the goal.

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