Page 100 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 long as he remains held up by the charm of it his progress gets frozen. He may well be compared to a frog in the well which thinks its own narrow sphere to be the whole universe. But if our present level inspires within us a consciousness of a higher type of happiness of infinite character, we may be awakened to the idea of going further into the sphere of limitlessness. That is why they say that for every grain of knowledge the wisdom required must be at least ten times greater. If that much of wisdom is there, the goal shall definitely be in our view and we shall be inspired more and more to proceed on into the sphere of Reality. But the difficulty arises when we remain held up by our own resourcefulness applied for our advancement. When it is so, the idea of freedom does not even crop up in the mind. That is really a sad tale of our own. Such persons ever remain a prey to their own thoughts which go on adding veil after veil to their thinking and practising. They have, so to say, fastened themselves so rigidly into their own ways that they would never listen to the ways suggested to them for extricating themselves from the meshes.

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