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 The world will be astonished if it views the system with heart's eye. Realisation has become a very easy job now. The old idea that it is very difficult is now cleared and thrashed out. The main basis of training is transmission — pranahuti — which make the task easy. It has been introduced into the system called as Sahaj Marg. We start by meditation on the heart, which is the nucleus in the human body. The changes are felt when the yatra, journey is started. That, what these changes and experiences are, have been already given in the book “Towards Infinity”, so I need not mention here. There are only four conditions felt in each one of the centres. They are rarified as we proceed further in the region, and they continue till we reach the final stage of Being.
When the yatra of all the centres of Pind Pradesh, microcosm is over, we reach Brahmanda Mandal. This is cosmic region, called macrocosm. All the powers of Nature are at work, and we try to absorb in them. It is a very big region, no doubt, but vaster are the regions coming after. Every point is the continent itself and the beauty of it is more felt, when we begin to traverse that part. Afterwards we enter into the Parabrahmanda Mandal, then Prapanna, where we feel the utmost devotion, and
the greatness of God. After it comes Prabhu where

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