Page 115 - Showers of Divine Grace
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On 20-06-1967
The time has come that the man is awakened to the need of spirituality. The force of creation has created outward tendencies in man. That is why in course of time he has created several worlds which has resulted in making him complex. The present imperfect state of mind is the result of his own doings. Unfortunately the basic fact that God is simple and can be achieved by simple means is lost sight of. It has been preached from almost all platforms that the Realisation of the Absolute is beyond the capacity of the common man. This mistaken notion prompted by self-styled Gurus has settled down in almost everybody's heart; and to-day they have even lost craving for higher aspirations.
I wish to impress upon you that the common man has as much right and capacity to realise God as those sitting in the hierarchy of religion — rather more. What is needed is a correct and natural path followed with complete devotion. Sahaj Marg urges upon people to realise this simple truth and apply it in their routine of life.

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