Page 114 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 we feel our share in the creation. Then comes Prapanna Prabhu where both things are there in rarefied form. Afterwards there are 64 points which are all my discoveries. Man becomes potentialised when he crosses all these points with yatra. After the crossing all these points we get tidings to enter into the Central Region. This is the purely realm of God. There are 7 Rings of Splendour as I have discovered. If we get somehow the Master of the highest calibre, then we proceed further on to cross all the rings.
The work is not yet over. After crossing all the Rings of Splendour, the abhyasi begins to feel expansion throughout the universe. Then comes the stage of Divine knowledge. Afterwards we feel the vision of the absolute. In the end starts Layavastha in Brahm, at this state the problem of life is thoroughly solved. And this is the last run of all our spiritual activities, — but the thing never ends. We begin to start swimming in the Infinite in order to complete the chain, I must add that during our march to Reality, of course at a higher point, the atoms of the body, begin to convert themselves into energy, and then energy into its absolute. The whole of the system is thoroughly divinised. And a man becomes dynamic.

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