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Message at Vijayawada on 27-11-1968
All the religions in the world have prescribed one way or the other for the realisation of God — the Immaterial Absolute. They have also given higher ideals of life and most of the people have begun to follow them. As the time went on they began to peep into other sides as well, because the scythe of time brought about these changes in them. The environments of the living world began to attract them and the necessities of life compelled them to take the other course. Arts and crafts also developed and deities of different sorts were carved out by the artists under the name of different gods and people worshipped them.
The wise men of the times, to start with, had to prescribe those modes of worship that may, ultimately, take them to Yoga — the sure shot of Realisation. But according to the laws of nature devolution follows evolution and vice-versa. Their minds did not travel further to the real side with the result that the images became personified God. The way of worship is forgotten — the outcome of which

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