Page 120 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 restlessness. As we develop in spirituality, the nature of peace also changes and, in the end, non- peace peace, is the result. If we want to advance in spirituality we should begin from Infinity in finiteness. In this way we establish relation with the Real Being.
Our next step will be that we may begin to absorb ourselves in Infinity as the idea of finiteness will be washed away. Now the door is opened and we have come to the path. When finiteness is, dissipated from the mind, the way lies clear. We proceed in the Infinite and to the Infinite with the result that even the idea of Infinity cannot pop up. Now the Reality dawns. Further on, when we have jumped into the Reality the play ends and the scene begins. But this is not the end. Go on and on. Not only this, not only this — “Neti Neti”.

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