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Message at Hyderabad on 24-10-1974
On the Eve of His 75th Birth Day Celebrations
I appreciate your enthusiasm marked with the celebration of my seventy fifth birth day. If I look to myself, keeping it in view — the question arises, whether I am fit for this sort of occasion. The reply comes that it is all the power of abhyasis which is working in harmony with my inner feelings. So the credit goes to you. I am simply a toy in the hands of the Master.
Ill I was and I am weak still. But when I think of the Master, I become young with all percolating influence of the Great. The disease is hated by all who suffer. But basically it is very purifying. When impure ‘Samskaras' come into ‘Bhog', the eyes of the creator are towards us. It serves as a cradle for rocking the baby and we get nourished. Even when the virtuous ‘Samskaras' come for ‘Bhog’, the eyes of God are towards us. It means, we are benefited by the disease also which takes along with it the vicious ‘Samskaras'. All is the play of His love. Do not feel surprised if I say love and hatred are the same. Love is only positive thinking and hatred is

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