Page 126 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 negative thinking. It is very strange that people do not like to remember God who is so merciful and kind. All His actions are greatly beneficial to us. People think that remembering God is an unprofitable business although, I say, it is more profitable than the biggest factory in the world.
I feel happy when the word ‘Universal love' comes from the mouth of any person. Generally the saints of the day preach universal love but they do not find ways to tell you how it is acquired. Only remove the hatred, I say, and universal love is there. Suppose a man is a liar and he wants to get rid of this habit, he should start speaking truth because a sort of character will be formed with concentration at the bottom in a natural way. If you attempt to be attentive on lie to be removed it would indirectly make it stronger and stronger because concentration is there by which they get power. So is the case with universal love. It is there like a silk- worm in a cocoon.
I may just tell you an incident which happened during my recent illness. I was in the state of delirium. I transmitted with unique power and exactness to an abhyasi fully watching his condition

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