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Message during Ashram Inauguration at Shahjahanpur in January 1976
The things come and go, but we remain the same. If we thoroughly scrutinize ourselves, changeless state is there, but we are connected with the changeable and either we take interest in it or hate it, and both of them are the links for bondage. We should rise above all these things if we want to live a peaceful life. Our method brings out these results if we do practise it with interest.
Many associates write to me that they are trying hard to raise themselves from the mire of thoughts and emotions. It is of course, the duty of the abhyasi and he is awakened to that state and work starts in that colour.
A piece of cloth is prepared by the wisdom of the weaver. His hands are at work but he displays his wisdom by the movement of his hands. Wisdom has its own centre, but it works through the hand also. Similarly, when the idea of betterment is there, this is the sure sign of improvement.
God has created the world so that every flower may grow in its right standard. But the lashes of time have made it to forget the purpose of God.

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