Page 132 - Showers of Divine Grace
P. 132

 consist in endeavouring to maintain the remembrance of the Principle, that is, Ishwar (God). Even here, the objection can be put forward by some that by this effort the mind gets so tired that perhaps it can retain this only for half a day.
Whatever act you do, do it in the thought “It is the Divine's command and therefore it is my duty to do so”, so that the state of remembrance should continue steadfast and one special benefit that accrues is that the creation of samskars (Impression) ceases. Retaining the remembrance of God at all times, engenders in us a deep attachment to the Divine and leads to the state in which love for Him develops and overflows. Gradually through this, devotion attains its full form. It is therefore very essential to adopt this procedure.
The second need is good behaviour and conduct, that is, we should never act in such a way that anyone can lift a finger against us. The rules of our daily life and of behaviour towards all should be very good and straightforward. By acting so, you derive pleasure and happiness, and a state of peace will of itself begin to blossom inside you. Through thinking of the Divine, devotion and love develop. I

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