Page 168 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 we can never think that we are unable to do it. That means a sort of a wave is working smoothly, and you are carrying on with it. In that case, there is no idea either of the past or of the future. Be like a tiger in the realm of God, and progress is assured.
The main purpose of our Mission is to install spirituality in place of the prevailing non-spirituality, through Sahaj Marg, pronouncing Master's message: ‘Awake, O sleepers, It's the hour of the dawn'. The change, of course cannot come over- night. The aim of our Mission, will, however, certainly be achieved, if its members work with love, patience and co-operation. I need such persons in our organization, who may shine out like the sun. People themselves will be attracted when they know that our method is correct. One lion is better than a hundred sheep; but we should try as human beings to do spiritual good to others. Earnest labour on Master's way shall never go in vain. Amen!

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