Page 166 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 impossible. When we think of ‘I', it becomes stronger by our own thought force, brought about by concentration. Try to forget the ‘I', it will help a good deal. Once Divinity dawns, the negative attitude to life goes far away. The demolition of the past is a chapter in Sahaj Marg.
When we think of the goal, its longing brings the distance in view, because we have become used to such sort of thinking. In the beginning we enter what is behind the matter, and we touch only the ground and not the Reality. The echo of voice diminishes when it travels a long distance, and then there is silence all around. I believe that this is a clue to remind us that we can get into the better state, if we enter into the life, from which silence starts. When we dive deep then we bring pearls out of it. The wisdom of man is that he should make the unfavourable things favourable. In other words, we should try to succeed in converting the whole of the material force into spirituality: and it so happens in Sahaj Marg system, if we get a competent Master. All the fibres of our being become spiritualised, and Reality begins to radiate. I am preparing such souls that they may have the full benefit of my services.

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