Page 176 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 experience has only to say that he had no experience.
The last point in this context is that there is a whole world of difference between the condition of having no experience at the initial and the top most stages of our way of puja (worship or spiritual practice). Initially the egoism, identified (harmonized) with physical (bodily) and materialistic desire, stands incapable of recognizing the experiences of superior most stage; and the speed of self-forgetting, on stepping forward on higher stages, starts obliterating the possibility of the value (importance) and admissibility of the experience of (sensitivity to) pain and comfort (happiness or otherwise) of the lower and cruder existence. In the superior most state of perfect balance, whereas our narration and comprehension having become suspended, there does happen plenty of experience so much so that no desire for anything in exchange for it remains. However, experience and its description become meaningless there, which state has been fixed under the term ‘Indescribable’ (Anirvachaniya) in the Upanishads, expressed by Lord Buddha through silence and Sufism and Kabir have felt contented to

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