Page 174 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 attachment of heart, whether mundane or Divine, in proportion to its intensity reduces the experience (sensitivity) and expression of physical penury: and still beyond and above a certain limit, attachment of heart and mind obstructs the most profound physical experience altogether. An anecdote about a prominent scientist is well known, that he was so absorbed in his work that his dog ate his lunch and when in the evening his servant on enquiry told him that he had eaten his lunch and empty plates were taken away for washing by the servant, he(the scientist) was satisfied just that in a state of self- oblivion he had forgotten having eaten his lunch. Whether some body treats it as a state of high level or low level, this story is certainly true at the level of human experience.
So then, you can form an estimate of that superb spiritual state, whereas there remains no experience or its remembrance: and possibly even you may have experienced it yourself some time, and in order to remember it as a high level experience, you may have made a note of it or else felt worried, considering this state of self forgetfulness as a harmful disease of heart and

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