Page 172 - Showers of Divine Grace
P. 172

 you to say only in case the remembrance of the earlier condition of trouble may still remain.
This example refers to physical (bodily) trouble and relief (comfort); but human existence extends, who knows, how far beyond the body, viz., in fine and finer forms. In comparison to the state of relief/comfort, experience is more acute and manifest during the state of trouble as compared to relief/comfort; and experience, worth narration, is there also during release from trouble. But the experience which is born out of release from relief/comfort continually grows on crossing the limits of narration. Clarification of this point has started just here, in so far as the word ‘relief/comfort’ is used to indicate release from trouble, but when we need to speak of release (liberation) from relief (comfort), we have to use again the same word ‘relief/comfort’ only. This means that relief arising out of release (liberation) from trouble (calamity) also happens to be some sort of trouble (calamity) only, release from which also creates a finer or subtler type of relief (comfort) and this chain (process) continues on and on for which we have to speak of relief (release) from relief, and then release from that also etc.

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