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 When stepping beyond physical (bodily) trouble and relief (comfort) of heart, mind and soul etc., there is bound to be difficulty in experiencing and narrating the experience.
If we pay attention to further account (narration) concerning experience of the pain of thorn-prick, there are many categories (states), wherein pain is not experienced from thorn prick, or there remains no possibility of telling anything about it. Thorns prick the feet of many animals other than man, but in certain cases there is no experience of that at all and in some other cases there is no experience of the experience. Similar happens to be the cases of the newly born human child. On growing up also the particular part of body can be got anaesthetised by using some drug or otherwise in the case of a grown up human being as well; and experience and narration of pain gets blocked also in the event of vivisection or non-functioning of the relevant part of the brain. Thus, many illustrations of this sort are there lying below the level of normal human experience.
Then there are other examples which may be spoken of as states of higher category. Love or

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