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 mind. In fact, people assess good, bad, right, wrong generally on the basis of personal benefit (or loss).
It may be asked as to what constitutes the standard of personal benefits finally after all! A hungry person considers food as personal benefit: but the scientist forgets his hunger in his fondness for his work. It may be remarked here that intellectual benefit has precedence over physical benefit. There is yet another anecdote about this very scientist that his dog upturned the lamp on his table, and the labour of his about 20 last years of life got reduced to ashes in no time. It is stated that the scientist just patted the dog and said only ‘you do not know what great harm you have dealt to me’. It is also stated that Lord Christ, in this very strain, prayed for his killers: ‘O God, pardon them for they do not know what great sin they have committed’. Here even intellectual and emotional benefit also weighed lighter as compared to spiritual benefit. We can proceed on and on like this to realise that on emergence of higher form of experience, the experience of lower category loses its weight (value) and one who lacks acquaintance with (comprehension of) higher and finer form of

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