Page 180 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 should give them the desire to engage in meditation practice, get them to do their daily practice, give them improvement, progress and promotion and get them interested in all this activity through my own powers so that they do not have to do anything themselves. They do not wish to make the slightest change in any detail of their life or habits, nor do any type of practice etc., that has been taught to them. But when any defect is found in any of them or when any disorder arises in the matter of the spiritual progress of any of them, the responsibility and the blame, all are mine! I experience another difficulty too. Even without the cooperation of the people, my sympathies are with them and I am always interested to help them. Therefore on their expressed request, I become ready to do everything for them even when the request is made only as a mere formality born of bare regard for me. What else can I do when it is my intense desire to pour all my spirituality in them in larger and larger ladlefuls, irrespective of whether they are ready to accept and absorb it or not? When I look into them to see how much more feed I have to put in, my senses fly away and I wish that I could dissolve it all and give to them
to drink up. But even of persons capable of drinking

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