Page 182 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 In the beginning, in ancient India, this system was kept in close preserve, without publicity. In consequence, in times past Rishis just imparted it to a few of their own disciples. Among them, some could not even impart it. Changing times and conditions had their effect. Gradually the method got lost. The Truth vanished and all its opposites were born. Ideas of differences of greatness and smallness were born and people began to be satisfied with microscopic successes, in the belief that the success was complete. The boat had sunk to hide itself in the lake. Even to the onlookers it seemed that this was all. All saw the lake and became so much attracted to it that none had a single thought for the Ocean. Thus they got themselves limited and soon its grosser aspects began to surface, concern for the body and concern for the concern begin to assume tremendous importance and proportions.
Then the bondage of egoism came in and got firmly established and people started thinking very highly of themselves though they were not so in truth. Ideas similar to this began to arise in some of our preceptors; and the decease is spreading

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