Page 184 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 self-created and developed ego.) Because of this small but wrong doing of theirs; how much work for me gets increased, never occurs to them – perhaps they are not in a condition to be able to appreciate it at all. They began to believe that their faith in their ego is their Power and became entangled in it. It is quite possible that they become so immersed in their condition that any effort to free them from it is like making pulse grains out of steel. They just learnt the word ‘Power’, but they did not know, did not attempt to understand, what Power is, and how to use it to help others. A few are so born who confuse dhal for boiled rice and take great pleasure in this confusion. This alone can be said about them that they have strayed away from the path; and to bring them back to the path has become near impossible due to their having gone away from their dharma their duty. This is the reward I get for all my labour. What can I tell such persons? Only this, that such is my fate, my fortune!
All the Centres of the Mission are Lalaji Maharaj’s not any particular person’s, and we are working according to his orders and instructions. If even now these persons do not change themselves

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