Page 181 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 it up, only one or two can be found. This is my fortune, my lot – in life! My intense desire is that everyone’s work should be completed successfully. Effort of anyone never goes waste, but it seems to be very difficult for anyone to do any effort. All this being told they do not ’get’ it. Lakhs of rebirths have gone by without achieving their return to their homeland; and the sorrow that even now, its necessity does not show itself in them. It does not occur to me what I can or should do, when no one desires even to start moving.
My heart is filled to the brim with love for my associates. Whatever service I am able to render to them, all that does not give me satisfaction. My heart is ever intent and keen to ensure that the largest part of them should achieve atleast my own spiritual condition in the shortest possible period of time. In order to expedite this and to ensure the message reaching the largest number quickly and in good measure, I appointed a large number of preceptors to do the job of awakening the public so that their work can be done, and their character, conduct and behaviour can be remodelled and straitened out.

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