Page 23 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 state of the universal mind. Just Imagine! There will then be no problem! As it is, individual minds which themselves lack peace and tranquility are trying to establish peace in the world. Isn't it ridiculous? The only way open to mankind is to take to the spiritual way of life, which is unfortunately absent today, leading to all this chaos.
Numerous means and practices have been and are advised for the purpose, but the most important feature is found lacking almost everywhere. The proper moulding of the tendencies of the mind is the primary factor of any system of Sadhana (Practice). The regulation of mind must therefore be the very basis of all spiritual practice. The mind, which in its primordial state was absolutely pure and regulated has now been spoiled and polluted by our wrong ways and doings. It is now to be set right so as to resume its primordial state.
Almost all systems of Sadhana have two aspects — one self-practice or abhyas and the other the Master's help and support. In order to develop the required condition, selfeffort (abhyas) alone is not all or even enough. It must be supplemented by

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