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 Divine Grace which is the one essential for the purpose.
The inflow of Divine Grace is possible through the medium of the Master alone. Thus the real thing to be invoked by an Abhyasi is Divine Grace coming to him through the Master. Self-effort (Abhyas) is just the means for making one's self deserving of Grace.
I do not hereby mean to advocate the orthodox idea of Gurudom in any way. Only a person capable of transmitting Divine Grace through the Yogic process of Pranahuti is fit to become a Master. The selection of such a worthy master is certainly a problem. I may here indicate an easy method of judging a worthy Guru (Master). When you happen to come in contact with one, try to understand whether or not his association promotes in you a feeling of peace and calmness, and the restless tendencies of your mind seem to be silenced for the time being at least, without causing any weighty effect upon it. If it is so you must thereby conclude that he can be a fit person to help you in the solution of your life-problem.
In Sahaj Marg, Divine Grace is directed
towards the Abhyasi through the process of 20

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