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 Pranahuti (Transmission). As a matter of fact, what Pranahuti does for the spiritual uplift of an Abhyasi and removal of complexities in a short time, independent efforts cannot achieve even in a full decade. Serious difficulties arise when meditation is practised independently in accordance with the old methods prescribed in books. Under the old system, one has to keep on struggling with the mind in order to suppress its unceasing activities. This continues all the time and there is practically no meditation at all and all the time given to meditation is lost in struggling against and trying to suppress thoughts and tendencies.
In order to overcome this greatest difficulty, under the Sahaj Marg, one has simply to connect one-self with the power of the Master whose mind, senses and faculties are all thoroughly disciplined and regulated. This power then begins to flow in regulating the tendencies of the Abhyasi's mind also. The Master's help is, therefore, of prime value for sure success.
Usually, people initially aim at the cessation of the activities of the mind. This can best be achieved by linking ourselves with the great power which is

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