Page 27 - Showers of Divine Grace
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Message — January, 1970
When we were born into this world for the first time we were pure, because the source from which we have descended or come down is purity. The time went on, and in our innumerable births we have gathered around us different types of grossness by our actions.
In this present existence too we are performing actions and the result is that these very actions slowly form layer after layer of grossness around the original purity, so that in course of time we become to resemble the silk-worm that has spun a cocoon around itself. When man reaches this stage of his earthly existence, his life is one of the artificiality and full of grossness, both in the level of action and in the results. The original purity has been reduced to a faint glimmer and that is often scarcely perceptible. All memory of his original source or home-land is now forgotten, and as action follows action the shell around him gets harder and harder and his memory of the source gets fainter and fainter, until it is almost completely forgotten.

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