Page 28 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 We have now come to the stage where we become disgusted with the present existence, but yet we have no memory of that pleasant and pure state which is our real existence. This is because we have become accustomed to this existence, whereas the other has been almost totally forgotten.
The only way out of this existence is to return to the source. To find the way back by unravelling the strands binding us may not be possible except with the help of a guide who has connected himself to the Source, and who can therefore loosen the knots binding us by the power of his Transmission of the highest consciousness.
The first and almost immediate effect of the transmission is to give peace and calmness which can hardly be expressed in words. This experience in Meditation helps to gently remind us of the source to which we must return and repeated experience strengthens the remembrance of our original home, and so loosens the bondage of the present life. As the transmission takes us to deeper and deeper levels of remembrance, our journey to the source becomes firmly established.
I pray that all of you may be granted this experience to see the Light of the day.

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