Page 30 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 good of others though this service is subordinate to the spiritual progress.
The trend of the general public is no doubt towards God, but the tragedy also starts side by side. They begin to think him to be just as they are and proceed in a grosser way to attain the SUBTLEST Being. Those who are a bit advanced ask a few stock questions and the same are repeated before each and every saint to show purely their ability in asking questions. One of the questions they generally ask is: why has God created the world in which there are so many miseries and troubles? At that time if they look to themselves, they would probably find an answer for themselves. This question was put to me also a number of times. Sometimes I answered with divine dynamism and sometimes in other ways. To put an end to such questions, I will explain this mystery in a scientific way. God is the Centre wherefrom the energy starts. Energy becomes frozen if its utility is not there. So in order to maintain His existence, He sent out power which resulted in creation. A number of people merely ask questions pertaining to Divinity. But how to attain it, is not generally found in the minds of

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