Page 31 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 such people. If we go on talking about the taste of mango it will not help us unless we eat it and know for ourselves its taste. I may say here that Reality is not the field for cowards. Lion-hearted men alone can dare approach Reality and men are made so, by Sahaj Marg.
The Sahaj Marg system did not arise accidentally. It was given graciously to mankind waiting in eager expectations. The Sahaj Marg system adopts natural ways for God realisation. And to adopt them in the daily routine of life, it starts with meditation which is the chief source of inviting the Grace hidden in the bosom of God. This starting becomes the end as at the beginning of the world, the end became the beginning. During meditation in our march towards Reality, we come across different spheres having different airs. Experiences are there. Of course, in the initial stages some may be imaginative but afterwards they are all divine. The divine experiences are the perceptions of the conditions relating to Divinity. When the Divinity begins to yawn in good measures towards us, our march becomes smooth. We experience different conditions on the path when we set our heart with

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