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Message at Raichur on 16-01-1970
I am very happy to observe that our Raichur Centre has grown from strength to strength and today it is having its own Ashram building. The idea of having an Ashram is an ancient one although a hut was probably more than enough in the olden days. With the growth of civilization the idea of having a modern building for the Ashram has also developed. The purpose of having an Ashram building is to make it possible to render the best of spiritual service. It is common knowledge that Ashrams where true form of worship and meditation are performed, are so charged with the spiritual force of the teacher that it will help towards the transformation of man.
Thoughts have life and they also work on the lives of others. But the tragedy is that we produce scorpions and snakes by our thoughts and tease others. Under the circumstances they do not serve the spiritual purpose but wade deep in the mire of ungodliness. We should rise according to the needs of the times and employ ourselves better for the

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