Page 42 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 piece of cloth is prepared by the wisdom of the weaver. His hands are at work, but he displays his wisdom by the movement of his hands. Wisdom has its own centre, but it guides manual efforts as well, where it is needed.
Nervousness, you should remove yourself. A warrior is never nervous on the field, because he has some aim before him. The courage starts when confidence is there; and confidence is there when you have willed to reach the destination. We should try only to build the future and not waste our time in thinking of the past. When we run forward, we do not look behind. We should try to be happy even in unhappy life. Happiest man is he, who is happy under all circumstances, and that is the part of a saint. We have come out from Divine Energy, and it has become our base. But it has gone out of sight which we have to revive, if we want to maintain ourselves. Love is the way of inner awakening to the Reality. Sahaj Marg has come in the front with the basic principle in view.
May His grace guide us all to reach the cherished destination and fulfill the hopes of mankind! Amen.

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