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Message on the eve of his 83rd birthday celebrations at Surat on 30-04-1982
Dear Sisters and Brothers,
There are miseries all around for the embodied one. Even then, we remain so much attached to the body, that this thing does not forsake us up to the end, and we even wish to be born again. It matters little that the wish is for being born in a prosperous home or in a royal family, since, as soon as the Name (Individualized Existence) has arisen, my brethren, misery would start, in howsoever subtle mould, it might be cast.
Our gathering, however, is somewhat different. We (human beings) are there, from where nothing comes to us by way of knowledge even about our own selves. That means, we possess that stability in a natural way, which can be described as a stance of balanced Balance. Everything has started after it. In other sense, we were there, when the Creator (Brahma), Preserver (Vishnu), and Destroyer (Mahesh) had not yet come into being. Now, what is there? Greatness! No! What is the Destination, where we have to reach? It may,

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