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 this word. To live in that state is human culture. When that state grows a bit denser, it enters the region of the attribute of Poverty or Humility. When such a state is achieved, then the subject (of the Lord) becomes a subject in the real sense. To achieve such a state, hundreds of transmissions and prayers are prescribed. Man ought never be away from his own level; and this level is called ABUDIYAT (The subdued). This is the essential object for the subject (of the Lord). It is here, as I have written so often, that the burden of egoism is very much lightened. The fulfillment of purpose comes after this. The better way may be that whatever you are, you go, with all of it, towards That (Ultimate Purpose) i.e. there should remain nothing, whose face does not get turned to that side; which means that all the belongings — Physical and Spiritual — that may be there, be surrendered to Him; so that you are left with nothing in yourself, except remembrance.
Now the question arises, how to arrive at that State? That one thing — ‘remembrance' — brings everything in its trail. If remembrance is there, take it for granted, the remembered one is close to you. Let

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