Page 46 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 closeness, in the trail of increasing heat of remembrance, be enhanced; and then behold what bliss and ecstasy follows, and also how quickly you reach there, with its help. When this thing has approached the limit, which constitutes the beginning, i.e., if, perchance, it has touched that plain, region or circle, be sure, the call bell at the door of the Beloved would have been pressed. When He has come to know that someone happens to be His real Seeker and Lover, then it would become a sure condition for His coming close to you, and for breaking the barrier that held you from entering the Home. Start a while, dear, and then you will know what this thing happens to be.
Once this attainment has set in, you would have achieved Godly attributes. Now having reached the attribute, say, you have come into the Sunshine. It has become clear that this light is from the Sun. Prior to it, we were aware of only our own attributes. Now your swimming has started in what lies just beyond God, i.e., just after it. Having come up to here we now get tidings of going still ahead. When remembrance has progressed to the extent that the awareness of remembrance itself is lost,

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