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 which ultimately we are to have. We find uniformity in every atom, and in all objects. Everybody passes through these lines if the method is correct and the guide is perfect. As we proceed on to the next region these things are rarefied, till we reach the Brahmanda Mandal. There too these things go on, but they are discernible in finer colours. If the teacher is not perfect there can be the danger of getting absorbed in the powers which are not concerned with spirituality. The work of the teacher goes on and on to the final limit. I have discussed about the work of the abhyasi and that of the Master, not touching the technique of the system which the Master adopts for the higher approach of mankind, the centres of the heart through which the guide works, and the method adopted to regulate the mind and the senses. The abhyasi's part is to be perfectly obedient to the Master. I mean to say that he should comply with the directions given to him, having faith, or at least trust, in the Master, and confidence in himself. We have to search for such a good Master who has his approach to the final limit. It is very difficult to find such a Master, and in the words of the Upanishads it is equally difficult to find a disciple.
But if burning desire is there for Realisation, the

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