Page 65 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 Master will reach the seeker's door. Trust and distrust are two things, and both things are necessary. But what we generally do is that we trust where distrust is needed, and distrust where trust is needed.
In the end, I would emphasize that Realisation is not at all difficult for those who have the real craving for it. If craving is there he will come on the true path by which Realisation can be achieved in a short time. The real craving of man keeps him in constant restlessness, and he works only to gain his real goal. While so many of us worship God and offer prayer as a routine, it is only to please our senses. In this sphere mental enjoyment is there; sense enjoyment is there and they are caught up by so many enjoyments which forbid them from peeping further into the life meant for Realisation.

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