Page 63 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 complexities we have made. Our Sahaj Marg recommends the method for the cleaning of the centres, and the Master himself does it through the process of transmission. As long as the abhyasi is not getting the Grace direct, the teacher diverts the Grace which is coming directly upon himself to the abhyasi.
I have already mentioned about the forces of Nature and the power arcs. They are all utilised for the transformation of man in the way it is required. We proceed with meditation on the heart thinking of the Divine Light within, and by so doing we gradually begin to rise or to express it better, to dive deep into the inner consciousness, with the result that an abhyasi begins to feel expansion, this being the first phase. That means we have sown the seed of Infinity, or in other words we have revived the thing which had slipped from our view.
Now the second phase opens to view. A man feels the presence of God in every animate object. The third thing we feel is the changing feature of this very thing. This thing is changed and one feels everything as from God, and as His manifestation. The fourth phase brings in the state of negation

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