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 things as well. And neutrals are also there, which is yet to be explored by the scientists. Since we have no concern with these things, we leave them. We come to the constructive side. When we peep into ourselves with this idea, we find the higher centres focussing into our centres, but due to our wrong thinking and doings the effect is not coming in at all. The thick layer of grossness has settled so firmly over the centres as to make them quite impervious. There are so many centres in the human body whose working is both spiritual and worldly. Research is necessary to know all these things for the common good of mankind. It is said that it has been a subject for the weak who do not want to work further to direct their energy for the material uplift of mankind. Thus spirituality is attacked by many of us giving examples of the present day civilisations, and of those who have gone with unlimited pace of materialism, making themselves as limited, because they attempt for only the finite and afterwards they fall off. The idea should be to proceed from the finite to the infinite. It should be the idea that we should also make the finite to be merged into the Infinite. In other words the finiteness should be glittering first,
then we can proceed towards the base. And what is

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