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Message at Bangalore on 23-12-1964
Man's persistent effort has been to unravel the mystery of Nature and it has widened the frontiers of knowledge. And so in his probe into everything that he sees in Nature continues. When we seek anything, we find something for our thinking, and when we go beyond it we find mystery behind the mystery. When the thinking itself takes the further evolution, it leads us to what is behind everything. Our ancients, when they peeped into it, went direct to find the ultimate cause of the world, the relation between man and God, and static and dynamic values of things representing Nature. If we really peep into it we find the constructive and destructive powers in the form of atoms and cells. Power arcs are also there. Positive and negative cells are there giving full description of their existence. Our sages felt themselves pledged to utilise all these powers, appearing mysterious, in constructive work. They even went beyond everything, which has resulted in the discovery of some movements being the cause of all existence. When we go to this extent, we find the Centre and

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