Page 82 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 their view. That means they have solidified the watery vapours of the air into hard icy rock. Now if icy rock slips down into the sea, ships are likely to strike against it and get sunk. Similar shall be the fate of the advocate of the nirguna view if he sticks to it forever thinking it to be all-sufficient, perhaps with the only difference that his rock might be a little further on. Truly speaking, God is neither saguna nor nirguna but beyond both. He is what He is. What should then be done to solve this mystery? The only possible solution can be to fix our eyes on the Absolute, be it saguna, nirguna or neither, and develop love for it.
Now there remains only the problem of Realisation. Generally people take it to mean a mental vision of the physical form of Vishnu with four hands holding a conch, a discus, a mace and a lotus respectively. But in my opinion such a type of darshana is only the result of the grosser mentality of the worshipper, for the reason that his own subtler self appears to him in that form, because he had taken up that very form for meditation. In Raja Yoga the state of mind which develops by the effect of Sadhana is quite a different one. In that condition he

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