Page 84 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 emotional love; for a realised soul, realisation and merging; and for one Perfect, his state of ignorance. But until now all these are amusements for amusement's sake only. True Reality lies still ahead when we are beyond all these stages. It is a matter of pity that people remain entangled in these amusements thinking them to be Reality and end their pursuit with them.
“Mil gai jis ko ganth haldi ki,
us ne samjha ki hun mai pansari”
One who got a piece of turmeric considered himself to be a grocer.
What Reality can possibly be is very difficult to describe in words. For the sake of understanding we may call it as the end of all spiritual stages though it may be only the beginning of Reality. Further that too disappears and its memory also recedes to the background. Then we reach the plane where our swimming goes on infinitely. To him who might be eager to have experience of that Infinite plane, I may say that he must step into it after brushing aside all the effects of feelings.
All that I have said above may be very difficult to achieve by one's selfeffort alone. The reason is

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